Starlight Sally

Welcome to Starlight Sally

Working with Starlight energy, Vibrational Essences, and healing are my passion.

There is nothing better than to do what you love and also empower others to move forward on their spiritual and healing journey.

This journey is unique to all of us and therefore helping you to find YOUR way is the simplest way to help you to smash through previous blocks and resistance.

Why Starlight?

As far back as I can remember I have had a fascination with the stars. I began my conscious connection to them back in 2010, not really knowing where it would lead. It wasn’t until I trained as an Advanced Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner that I began to see how I could further work with the energy of the stars in a more physical and down to earth way.

This led me to deepen my own connection and my understanding of what conscious connection to the stars actually helps with and how to help others to find and explore their own unique connection.

We are all very aware how the moon and the sun have a huge influence on us. We also understand from an Astrology perspective how the stars that were present at the exact time of our physical birth also hold relevance on our life path. Our Soul however connects to the stars in a much deeper way and when we open or enhance this connection we often open a whole new perspective on ourselves and the world around us.

Starlight Essenses

Connecting Consciously to the stars helps our soul to bring through more understanding that helps us move through the learned behaviours and emotional blocks that seem so stubborn to shift.

How can Starlight help you?

When we feel unfulfilled and feel we have something we should be doing but we cant see what it is or find a way to fill that void, it is often the starlight part of us that needs activating. This can present as something that comes up for us time and time again and much as we have explored the issue, worked through it and don’t want it to be a problem anymore there is still this residual inability to finally detach from it.

This is where starlight energy can bring in the key that you have been looking for. When we connect to this often overlooked part of us, we open up a whole different perspective of things. We are more able to see how to work through the old patterning that has held us back and often we connect back to things that we have long forgotten that we enjoyed. It is like bringing another part of us online.
There are essences and protocols that can assist this process and learning to translate this journey really can assist us to move forward with much more clarity than we have done in the past – a bit like finding the dictionary that makes the language accessible for us. It is a very subtle process and yet can bring a profound shift in how we feel about ourselves and what is going on in our lives.


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